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Means the same but Different concept.


A Little Story About Us.

About 14


Our botanically inspired accessories bring out an effortless femininity reminiscent of delicate wildflowers blooming in a meadow.
For the modern woman who wants to live free and true to herself each and every day, we offer our signature feature of timeless design,beautifully suited for bridal and special occasions, and also as a highlight she can incorporate into her everyday looks.Our brand is a namesake to Beethoven’s 14th Piano Sonata.This collection, carefully hand crafted by Japanese artisans, mirrors the delicacy and dignity of the “Moonlight Sonata”For all of life’s dazzling scenes to come, take to the stage with 14.

More powerful than Jewelry.

About Quatorze


Behind the creations of Quatorze is the inspiration of art, music, and the things that stir our souls.
Invoking the beauty inherent in the materials we use, we provide accessories that bring excitement to daily wear: more smoothly adaptable to everyday looks than costume jewelry, yet more powerful than jewelry.
The simple joy of coordinating an outfit with a favorite accessory and the elation felt in the moment of adding that extra touch can truly make each day something even more wonderful.




今発売中の「ゼクシィ」「ゼクシィ 海外ウェディング」「ゼクシィ 国内リゾートウェディング」に 14、Quato
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